Peacock Wedding Palki – ময়ূরপঙ্খী বিয়ের পালকি

কমপক্ষে ২-৩ দিন আগে কনফার্ম করতে হবে ।

সর্বনিম্ন চারজন থেকে আপনার যতজন প্রয়োজন লোক নেয়া যাবে।

মন পছন্দ ডেকোরেশন করা যাবে, যার জন্য আলাদা চার্জ প্রযোজ্য।




A peacock palki is a stunning and ornate ceremonial carriage that draws inspiration from the majestic and vibrant peacock. This exquisite and traditional conveyance is typically used in various cultural and religious celebrations, especially during weddings in Bangladesh. The peacock, with its symbolism of grace, beauty, and prosperity, holds deep cultural significance in India. The peacock palki embodies these values and is seen as a symbol of grandeur and good fortune. It is often used during bridal processions to convey the bride in a royal and elegant manner.

A peacock palki is a beautifully designed palanquin, featuring intricate artwork and carvings that depict the peacock motif extensively. The peacock, with its resplendent feathers and vibrant colors, is central to the design. It is often adorned with vibrant shades of green, blue, and gold, mimicking the peacock’s plumage. Elaborate patterns, swirls, and floral motifs are commonly found on the carriage, adding to its visual appeal.

Inside the palki, there is usually a cushioned and comfortable seating area for the bride or other important individuals to sit. The seating area is often decorated with silk or velvet upholstery, matching the overall color scheme of the palki.


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